Graduate Recruitment
& Development Program

Welcome, Graduates!

Well done on taking the first step towards building your strong career foundation.

Every successful journey starts with a single step, and at Ebrahim K. Kanoo, we are proud to pave the way for fresh Bahraini graduates with Tomooh - a Recruitment & Development Program designed to provide expertise and growth opportunities across diverse business fields.

Now that you are here and willing to join a dedicated team of over 2,600 professionals from different nationalities and backgrounds, we encourage you to explore how Tomooh could enable you to unlock your potential.

Why choose Tomooh at Ebrahim K. Kanoo?

Tomooh is designed to deliver on-the-job learning exposure, a strong professional development plan and high-standard benefits.

Working with leading international brands

Gaining practical experience in multiple industries

Becoming part of a large diverse, dynamic workforce

Specialising in a chosen field, with a plan tailored to your personal goals

Receiving constant guidance and feedback from your assigned mentor and colleagues

Development through direct involvement in projects and problem-solving

A long-term career opportunity with Ebrahim K. Kanoo for graduates with exceptional performance

Where can you work?

Tomooh is a structured program designed to provide graduates with opportunities to develop through a rotational plan covering up to 24 months across one or more of the company’s diversified businesses, including:

  • Automotive Retail
  • Automotive Aftersales Services (Service, Body & Paint)
  • Vehicle Hire & Leasing
  • IT & ERP Services
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Tyre Services
  • Spare Parts
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Marketing & Communications

You will get support and guidance in various divisions of Ebrahim K. Kanoo. At all times, you will have access to friendly guides who will share their knowledge and expertise to help you grow on your career journey.

What do we Offer?

  • Market-leading salary and benefits
  • A permanent job, not just a training program, after successful completion of the program.
  • Medical insurance including dental coverage (Personal)
  • Leave benefits as per Bahrain Labour Law
  • Time off to study with plenty of support and learning
  • Recognised professional qualification
  • Project experience and business exposure from day one
  • Focus on ideas and innovation
  • Technical and business skills training
  • Fast progression on a structured career path

Is Tomooh for me?

Tomooh is open for fresh graduates with a strong determination to excel on both professional and personal levels.
To qualify, you must:

Be a Bahraini national under 25 years old

Hold a Bachelor’s Degree in an Engineering Program, IT, Accounting or Business Administration.

Be a recent graduate (within the last 24 months) with a minimum GPA of 3.0

Have a strong command over written and spoken English

The Selection Process

We follow a variety of assessment procedures to guarantee an agile selection process. The type of procedures will depend on the business unit applied to.

Upload Latest CV

Contacting Eligible Candidates

Initial Interview by HR

Psychometric & English Tests

Panel Interview
Top Candidates Shortlisted

Employment Contract

Learning Journey

The Graduate’s learning journey starts before the actual joining date and consists of the following turning points:


Settling down and getting to know the organisation, job objectives and colleagues.


Structured Development
Development through four learning methods: Instructor-Led-Training (ILT), On-Job-Training (OJT), e-Learning and Mentoring.


12-Month Program
12-month rotation plan for gaining experience across various departments, based on the Graduate’s education and business requirements.


Guiding Graduates through mentoring and coaching to help them achieve their best performance in line with the company’s objectives.


Performance & Progress Feedback
Regular assessment of Goals & Target Achievement, Punctuality, Work Quality, Productivity, Initiative & Motivation, Teamwork, Problem Solving and Communication Skills.

Program Structure

As part of the 24 month Tomooh program, with 2-3 placements in different departments and divisions, the graduate will be offered a career development roadmap that covers the first years of their learning journey, which consists of the following stages

Stage One – The Foundation
  • Gaininng experience from various departments and business divisions
  • Setting objectives and goals
  • Being guided and mentored by a senior superior
  • Obtaining in-depth understanding of the work of each department
Stage Two - The Job

At the satisfactory completion of the first 12 months, the department in which the Graduate will be employed will be determined based on his/her wishes and particular talents. The Graduate will spend another 12 months in this stage with a specified job description and regular performance appraisal.

Stage Three – The Development

After successful completion of Stages One & Two, the Graduate will be enrolled in a tailored program called “E.K.Kanoo LEAD Program” for leadership skills, and will be supported by HR for further professional development.






Graduate Recruitment & Development Program

If you are interested to join the Tomooh program, please send your latest CV to


The Program is scheduled to be conducted for 24 months from the date of joining.
HR Admin department has the right to extend period by a maximum of six months.
Each year we recruit up to 10 graduates.
If you were not accepted, you can re-apply for the following year’s intake.
This program makes it possible to fast-track a career. Throughout the program you’ll enjoy challenging work in a supportive environment where everyone is invested in your training and growth.
A process where you will be assigned to experienced employee to support your learning journey. Mentor is a member of senior management who will help the Graduate get to grips with the company culture and the challenges it may be facing enabling the graduate trainee to take a step back and look at the overall picture.

Learning Methods:

  • Opportunities for job rotation are given to obtain widening exposure to job responsibilities
  • Instructor-Led-Training (ILT): interactive, case studies, group work, presentations
  • On-Job-Training (OJT): practical work experience at assigned branch/dept. ‘actually doing it’
  • E-Learning: refreshment training & awareness programs for references
  • Mentoring: mentor guidance
  • Professional certificate if applicable

Employees get to enjoy a number of benefits, including but not restricted to a competitive salary and ongoing career support and development and involvement.
Regular performance and progress feedback at every stage will be provided, in order for the Graduate to acquire and build skills in line with the job competencies.